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STep Ahead Recognition System (STARS)

Kindergarten Readiness Survey (KRS)

Children Under 6 Living in Poverty

Low Birth Weight Babies

2013 Vermont Happiness Survey

Population Estimates by Age

Report Topics

Reports, which typically focus on a single key measure like population counts or early prenatal care, are organized by topic in Vermont Insights. They contain features that allow you to filter and customize chart, table, and map displays as well as narratives describing the data and findings. Click on the topic names to learn more about each and click the topic icons to access the reports.

Early Childhood

Explore health, development, and well-being data for pregnant women, children from birth to eight-years old, and their families.


Explore data on income, poverty, and other economic measures.


Find enrollment, educational attainment, and other data for Vermont's educational systems.


Find data on parents in the labor force, family structure, and family economic well-being,


Examine data on physical and psychological health conditions, including smoking, early prenatal care, and many more.


Explore data on home ownership, affordable housing, and household size.


View population counts and estimates including characteristics such as age, gender, and race/ethnicity.


Find facts on commuting, such as commuting time and public transportation use.


See data about happiness across various categories in Vermont.

Future Topics

View the child, family, and community well-being topics that will be added to Vermont Insights in the future.

Community Data Profiles

Community Data Profiles are made up of a collection of measures and displays from reports on Vermont Insights. They provide snapshots of trends across many report topics using data from Vermont's children, families, and communities.

Con Hogan Trendline Collection

Con Hogan Trend Line Collection

Vermont Insights' first Community Data Profile. It contains statewide measures that honor the work of Cornelius "Con" Hogan, former Secretary of Vermont's Agency of Human Services.

Head Start Programs

Head Start Community Assessment

View important indicator results for the seven Head Start and four Early Head Start programs serving children and families in Vermont. Each program has its own profile which can be selected on the next page.


What's New?

New content and features are added to Vermont Insights every two to three weeks. View recent updates we've made to the site.


Coming Soon

See what we are planning to release on Vermont Insights in the coming months. It doesn't include everything, so contact us with questions.


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Early Childhood Questions

Important policy questions in the area of early childhood drive much of the need for data on Vermont Insights. Vermont policymakers and other diverse public and private stakeholders have developed 10 essential early childhood questions, along with several sub-questions, that provide the foundation for data reporting on the site.