Stakeholders of Vermont Insights are people, groups or organizations that have an interest in the program. These stakeholders include, but not limited to, policymakers, practitioners, researchers, administrators, philanthropy, advocates, parents, families and communities.

Vermont Insights delivers the most impact when stakeholders talk and collaborate to make child, family and community data accessible and useful. Stakeholders are well-positioned to analyze the data to gauge progress and use in their decision-making, planning, and advocacy to improve the well-being of Vermont children and families.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement includes listening to, learning from, and collaborating with stakeholders of Vermont Insights in the development, design, implementation of the site. Vermont Insights provides the forum to encourage stakeholder engagement, which is essential to achieving Vermont’s vision of having an early childhood integrated or federated data system, connected to Vermont’s K-12 statewide longitudinal data system, with a publicly accessible and easy to use reporting system.

Stakeholders who champion the access and use of data fall into three primary groups listed below. Figure 1 shows how all three groups are important in Vermont Insights' sustainability model.

  1. Data Users: People who access and use the content found on
  2. Data Contributors: Data Contributors are organizations such as local, state, national and international entities that produce data and want to make it publicly available (while protecting privacy).
  3. Data Investors: Investors share resources to improve the access and usefulness of data and information to make a difference in the lives of children, families and communities.

Figure 1. Sustainability Model: Vermont Insights' Stakeholders as Supporters/Data Champions

For more information on Vermont's engagement of stakeholders check out the “STATE SPOTLIGHT: Vermont Early Childhood Data Reporting System (ECDRS): Improving Outcomes for Young Children and their Families” at the Early Childhood Data Collaborative, Child Trends website.

Stakeholder Newsletters

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